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Larapinta Trail Guidebook-2021-Edition-3-John Chapman

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Currently, the most authoritative guidebook of the Larapinta Trail, John and Monica Chapmans Larapinta Trail Guidebook has been released as a 3rd Edition (current from 2021). If you have ever been lucky enough to meet John and Monica, as we have at LTTS, you'll know why they are perhaps the most knowledgeable bushwalkers in Australia without equal.

From John Chapman's Website:

"The Larapinta Trail guide has 160 pages, 121 colour photographs, 20 topographic maps (one for each days walk), ISBN 1 920995 22 5, Recommended Price A$39.95 (including GST). This is an all colour production with full track notes for both directions along the trail. The colour topographic maps and notes have been colour coded for each direction to reduce confusion about which notes are currently being followed. Gradient profiles are provided at the same scale as those used in all our books. Each chapter describes a section of the trail plus the side trip to Glen Helen is included. The third edition has an expanded background section (4 more pages) which includes a history of the area and notes on geology, climate, vegetation and wildlife. A comprehensive section on Safety and Trip Planning are provided. For the 3rd edition, we have reorganised the guide into 12 chapters to match the national park sections but retained the 20 one day sections within the notes. Of course, many walk the track in less than 20 days with 14 to 18 days being the most common"

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